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I'm not satisfied with the top post widgets made available on the net. Most of the widgets are purely based on the number of comments. To me, the right widget name should be called "The Most Commented" widget. This is quite frustrating, and I bet that's why it turned many users off using their widgets.

While searching for other alternatives, I stumbled accross this site - AideRSS and found it interesting. Their widget allows you to share and embed your top posts on your own blog. Their purpose is not only to add a fun and interactive element to your page but also it keeps your readers up to date on your list of top posts. Besides, you have the options to choose for the time period of 365 days, 30 days, 7 days and 1 day. Also, the number of records to be displayed.

A scale of one to ten used for rating your top posts and I'd say their method is more reliable which in turn is derived from a total of number of comments, number of bookmarks, number of diggs, number of tweets etc. The upper end of the scale is represented by "ten" and is usually hold to mean 'excellent'. Type in the URL of the feed in AideRSS and hit analyze. Once the digest page is loaded, navigate to the “Sharing & Widgets” tab, there you will find the HTML code for your web-page. Copy the JavaScript code into your page, and you’re all done! Get the widget and claim one for yourself :wink:


Melanie Baker said...

Thanks for the recommendation! Glad it's working well for you. :)

After we get our new site out the door (it's currently in beta), we're planning to do some overhauling of the widget and add a bunch of new features that will hopefully make it even more useful.

Is said...

@Melanie, glad you enjoyed the post :wink: Surely, they will love the widget as much as I do.

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