Blogging Tip : Photo resizing on your own.

Sometimes, you may come across your photo especially when you had uploaded the photo to your free image hosting as lacking in width and height. And you're too lazy to resize as you wish by going back to your photo editor. For example, the below image is 300 x 79 :-

And the code is :-

<img src="http://i44.servimg.com/u/f44/11/94/91/73/

You're not satisfied with the present width and height of the image as you need a smaller image. All you need to do is to alter the width and height of the image as you wish. In this example, I would change it to 250 x 29 and the code will be something like below:-

<img src="http://i44.servimg.com/u/f44/11/94/91/73/
straw10.jpg"width="250" height="29"/>

The end result is shown below:-

(Note - if you wanted to enlarge any photos by using the above method, firstly you need to know the DPI of the photo (the larger the better), if not the photo will become blurred. More importanty, you need to preserve the aspect ratio of the photo. In the above case, both width and height are reduced by 50)


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