Blogger Question: A separate background for my posts.

Question by deadFishy

OK, here is my situation.

I created a somewhat detailed background for my blog.

But when my posts run over it you cant read it due to the black on black of the background and text colour..

Is there anyway to make a kind of grayed background around my blog post only - so when the post runs over the part of the background that makes it unreadable - there is a gray background around the post to protect it from the background?

I appreciate any help out there.

Thank you so much!

First off, in future you better give us your link in order for us to pay a visit. Seems to me you are having a problem with your background color instead of background image.

To answer you, what you can do is to have a transparent background for your blog post. Go to your CSS layout which is under outer-wrapper and put this code below:-

#outer-wrapper {
background-color: silver;
filter: alpha(opacity=85);
-moz-opacity: 0.85;

You may change the background color as you wish. Hope, it helps.


CptCanuck said...

Nice little tips & tricks. You're doing a good job on the Forum too helping people out.

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