Blogging Tip : Image signature

By default, at the bottom of each post, you'll be seeing this line:-

Posted by : Author's Name

Again, you may modify to have your own image signature instead of the normal ones. To do this, here are the steps as follow:-
1- Login to your Dashboard> Layouts> Edit Html
2- Tick the Expand Widget Templates box.
3- Search for these lines:-
<b:if cond='data:top.showAuthor'>
<data:top.authorLabel/> <data:post.author/>

4- Replace <data:post.author/> with your image signature. For this example in which looks like below:-
<img src="http://i44.servimg.com/u/f44/11/94/91/73/mat10.jpg" border="0" alt="" />

5- Save changes and you're done.


Pemula said...

Hi Ismail Boleh tidak kalau anda memberitahu rahasia blog anda...
Saya Salut Pada anda..
In Google index you get 110 link..
and in Yahoo Link you get 1524..
What is screet?

Is said...


Thanks for joining my community :)
First off, I'm not an SEO guru but I do treat blogging as a business. 3 months ago, I started Onlinebiz-MY but the traffic levels were damn low. To cut it short, here are few things I've learned all the way which might be of interest to you:-
a- The google sitemap of your web pages improves your coverage once you submit it to Google. When the google sitemap is accepted, Google will index your pages. Same goes to Yahoo.
b- Next, increasing your publicity in Directories and Search Engines.
c- Always correctly credit sources. (with a link back)
d- Your post title is your keyword.
e- Social networking
f- lots more to tell you :)

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