JavaScript : Recent posts with images horizontally

The request goes like this:-

hi, I like this widget but I want it to have only images and to be horizontal not vertical. I want to be able to put this script in footer.

As to fulfill the request, this widget is a form of photo sharing and publishing on your blog provided in each of your blog posts, there's at least one photo submitted, if you fail to do so, the default images will be shown. A display link of the respective page title will appear on when you hover over an image.

Copy and paste the following script into your html/javascript and save the changes.
<script type="text/javascript">
imgr = new Array();
imgr[0] = "http://vietwebguide.googlepages.com/LDP08-06-11-01.png";
imgr[1] = "http://vietwebguide.googlepages.com/LDP08-06-11-02.png";
imgr[2] = "http://vietwebguide.googlepages.com/LDP08-06-11-03.png";
imgr[3] = "http://vietwebguide.googlepages.com/LDP08-06-11-04.png";
imgr[4] = "http://vietwebguide.googlepages.com/LDP08-06-11-05.png";
imgr[5] = "http://vietwebguide.googlepages.com/LDP08-06-11-06.png";
imgr[6] = "http://vietwebguide.googlepages.com/LDP08-06-11-07.png";
imgr[7] = "http://vietwebguide.googlepages.com/LDP08-06-11-08.png";
imgr[8] = "http://vietwebguide.googlepages.com/LDP08-06-11-09.png";
imgr[9] = "http://vietwebguide.googlepages.com/LDP08-06-11-10.png";

max_rc_post = 7;

<script src="http://onbizmy.googlepages.com/rcpost-thumb-horiz-v11.js"></script>

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.blogger.com/feeds/

<div id="wg-rc-img-desc"></div>

Note - Replace the blog ID to yours as shown in blue color and you may also change the number of images to fit the size of your footer/header. For this widget, you can't set width or height on images as they are set to display inline.(125x125) unless you know how to retrieve the js.file and host it back again. With a little bit of creativity, you may also display your friend's photoblog on your site provided he/she is using the blogspot domain. Last but not least, special thanks to Anhvo for making the day. Opsss... if you find this widget is interesting, please spread the word.


Anton Sulistiyono said...

Cara membuat scrolling recent posts gimana is? kayak blogmu? :D

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