Blogger theme : Biz Pro V.1

To Entrecard users, If you happen to install free templates , then by all means, I just don't think that you are going to stand out from the rest. Style is what really matters. Remember, first impressions count in blog design. Other than creating a fast-loading, visually appealing site can help webblogs succeed. Even though your site may have superb content articles, an initial negative impression from a poor or slow design can steer customers towards your competition.(Note - If you do business on the Web.)

Today, I'd like to introduce my latest Blogger Premium Theme which is called Biz Pro. Did I say a premium theme? Yes Indeed! For 1000 ec points, this premium theme can be yours.

Among Top features are:-
a- Editable header banner (940x132)
b- Built in RSS feed posts.
c- Linklist.
d- Subscribe to email.
e- Continue reading links (expandable posts)
f- Social bookmarking ready.
g- New comment form ready.
h- Sidebar tab to enhance its functionality for Entrecard users (AJAX).
i- Support for Blogger widgets.
j- Ad spots (728x90, 468x60, 125x125)
k- Bottom box displaying your products, services, solutions, featured articles etc.

Why wait? A clean, professional, and fast-loading site can ensure that your first impression will be a good one. If you're interested, please email me.


Felicity said...

please vote for me :) http://urlbrief.com/644385 im on the 5th rank, long hair, gray top thanks

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