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We all know that most of the existing storefronts that can be integrated in Blogspot are geared only for sales of affiliate items. Either you embed on Amazon aStore in your sidebar or else you place the Adsense code in your template, which is not a bad way to monetize your blog. While the third party like Etsy, allowed you to upload and sell your own products and then embed the store directly into your blog, it doesn't solve the problem of selling your other products.

Until recently, I came across Stuart's blog while dropping my card. When you visit his gallery, you're presented with a dynamic catalog of items featuring a thumbnail image, a link for more info, a price and an Add Album To Cart button. It is a perfect example of what I'd like to be able to do on my Blogspot blogs. By the way, his blog runs on WordPress.

This tutorial is divided into 3 parts:-
a- Part 1 - An introduction to E-commerce
b- Part 2 - Displaying your products
c- Part 3 - Adding items to your shopping cart

See you then!


Stuart said...

Howdy howdy,
I was just browsing Entrecard blogs and I saw your recent post *hehe* wowsers I feel famous.

Just thought I would let you know that the shopping cart that you saw is in my installation of Gallery2 (so basically I run Wordpress for my blog and Gallery2 to house all my photos).

Is said...

@Stuart, WordPress has the ability to customize the database or to host most CGI scripts unlike Blogger/Blogspot. Is your Gallery using Cartkeeper?

Anhvo said...

hi Ismail, if you've converted the theme, please send me via email. Thank you very much.

Is said...

@Anhvo, please check your mailbox for the ported premium WordPress Theme - Fresh News Theme as requested by you.

Allure said...

Does that mean it is good only for wordpress blogs? I am also interested in selling stuffs on my blog.

Is said...

@Allure, I'll show you how to create product pages on your Blogspot. So that you can use tables to bring in your shopping cart buttons and embed product spotlight links to related items or to display your product lines :)

Allure said...

I cannot see your email. I want a white background and on every article, there should be a social bookmark below. do you have ym?

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