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I'd say this theme is definitely an elegantly designed theme by R.Bhavesh. It was classified under WordPress Premium Theme before and now, it is made available to adoring public. Top features include RSS feed, Feedburner subscribe to email, 125×125 ad spots, header tabs, support for Blogger widgets and the sidebar tab AKA the tabber tab.

I've modified the sidebar tab to enhance its functionality for Entrecard users as to feature their daily "Featured Blog", recent droppers and the top droppers as well.

This theme requires some work to utilise it’s full potential. You need to configure header tabs, 125x125 ad spots, subscribe to feed via email, Google Adsense links and the Entrecard widget/RSS feed on inbox/RSS feed on top droppers.

In this quick guide, I'll only show you how to subscribe to feed via email and how to configure your RSS feed on inbox (recent droppers) and top droppers for Entrecard users.

Replace the YOUR-FEED-ID-HERE and YOUR BLOG NAME HERE with the appropriate values given to you from Feedburner.

Press Ctrl+F and type Featured Blog in the search box.

Change the id number to yours. Now, let's move to configure the inbox (recent droppers) and top droppers. Repeat your previous action using the CTRL F key in the keyboard for recent droppers and top droppers.

Note - Change the colored portion to your RSS url. To find your RSS url, login to your Entrecard account, click on dashboard, hover the cursor over the RSS icon to the right of the images of recent entrecards dropped on your site and you’ll read the complete link to your inbox feed on your browser’s status bar. It should be something like above.(in red color). As to find your RSS url for your top droppers, click on more stats, repeat the above actions.

This is a free template released under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 License. This means that you can use this template for your personal or commercial blog, edit it according to your needs, and even re-distribute it. Please keep the credit links at footer.


Anton Sulistiyono said...

Wow.. your pagerank is update Is?

Is said...

Google has recently updated from 2 to 3 :)

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